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Little Error…Glasgow sounds nice though

Well after planning to meet with friends for the past few weeks in Edinburgh it came to bite us royally in the bum…after texting and chatting for a while we were told that… Continue reading

York to Edinburgh!!

After our free night in York it was another day of small towns and driving…lots of driving! We veered away from the centre of the UK and went along the East Coast following… Continue reading

The Glitz and Glamour of L.A.!

Even though our time was cut short in L.A. due to being stick in Hurricane Sandy (more on that later), we made the most of our time in Hollywood by checking out some… Continue reading

Winter Shopping in Britain’s Cambridge

Cambridge is a town about 1.5 hours north east of London’s CBD, predominately known for its dozens of universities and student population. The town is known for Cambridge University, commonly seen as one… Continue reading

Drive Time!

Today Kelly and I flew from Milan in Italy to London. A few weeks ago we decided to cover some ground throughout both England and Scotland by hiring a camper van for our… Continue reading

Central Park in Autumn – So Beautiful!

Central Park is a beautiful place. Right in the heart of Manhattan it is so hard to believe that you can walk in to an oasis of trees, lakes and bright open spaces… Continue reading

Welcome to the Big Apple!

After arriving in New York, doey eyed and full of hope, we moved out of the airport and on to the bus where every single stereotype an Australian has ever had of an… Continue reading

Day to Ghent

Kelly and I made the effort to spend an extra one of our Belgium days heading to the larger town of Ghent, although not quite the industrial mecca that is Brussels this town… Continue reading

Brugge or Bruges..doesn’t matter, it’s all good!

This little Belgium town is located close to several other larger cities in Belgium but created days of beautiful enjoyment. The narrow river that flows throughout the town makes for a spellbinding walk… Continue reading

Brugge/Bruges Food Market = BEST!

Irrelevant of how you spell or say this smaller Belgium town it was a true delight and a cool insight into the workings of these towns. With larger town like Ghent and Brussels… Continue reading