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Goodbye Thailand – A reflection on 28 Days in Thailand

Writing a reflection on a country in which we have spent 28 days has proven to me to be difficult. It is hard to describe what we have seen in just under a… Continue reading

Local Market in Krabi Town

Strolling around the local market taking photos of all the fresh produce was really fun. The locals were so friendly and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at this early morning market.

Temple of Doom…!!!

The Tiger Cave/Temple (Wat Tham Sua) is one of….if not the only, attraction well known in the town itself. It is an 8km road trip from the main town centre along 2 major… Continue reading

Krabi Town – a sleepy provincial town.

Many call Krabi a “sleepy provincial town” and Daniel and I often laughed at this phrase having no idea what it meant. However, after spending an afternoon in Krabi Town, we soon came… Continue reading

Little Thai Children in Krabi

We spent the afternoon outside the balcony of our hostel people watching when unbeknownst to us, some little Thai children were watching us and came along to play on the iPad and climb… Continue reading