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A Postcard from Istanbul, Turkey

As some of you may be aware, we have just been in Istanbul, Turkey and have had an AMAAAZING time. Why amazing with three A’s? Because if I was to tell someone face… Continue reading

Relaxing on the Asian Istanbul

Most of you who have travelled will know, but to the others, Istanbul is composed of 2 regions, the European side and the Asian side. They are disjoined by “The Bosphorus” a section… Continue reading

Cruising Along the Bosphorus…More like putting along in a little chug boat!

Imagine the sun setting over one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The ocean breeze cooling you off after a stinking hot day in Instanbul. You board a beautiful ship that takes… Continue reading

Guest Post on Travel Destination Search – Check it Out!

Hey Friends!! I hope you are all well out there in blogging world! Just letting you know we recently wrote a guest blog for Travel Destination Search and we’d love for you to… Continue reading

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Protests in Istanbul – Pretty Colours, Police Riot Vans and Men with Flags…

Yesterday as we strolled the streets of Taksim Square we saw a lot of crazy things. Some were ridiculous (a marching band advertising a clothes shop), some were cool (street performers who had… Continue reading

A Palace Fit For a Sultan – Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

If you go to Istanbul and you miss this sight, you are crazy. After being to Hagir Sofya I wasn’t sure if anything could be topped but this place was amazing. This place… Continue reading

Turkish Food is all about the YUM factor – Eating Peymacum in Turkish McDonalds

Today we had a whirlwind adventure of the modern part of Istanbul and while I am going to need one million posts to explain to you the amazement I felt walking through the… Continue reading

Both Grand and Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul holds up to its name…

Every synonym you can think of for the word “big” is applicable to the Grand Bazaar. It is not only ginormous, huge, gigantic, massive and every other word thinkable but it is also… Continue reading

Spices, Tea and Turkish Delight at the Spice Market in Istanbul

The Spice Market in Istanbul really is a treat for the senses. I’ve heard people use that term before but as we strolled in to the market today I came to fully realise… Continue reading

Awakening the Senses – Unique and Wonderful Istanbul

We have never heard about thing about Istanbul, or about Turkey for that matter, and our first day here today has proved why. I know I haven’t been to many countries but as… Continue reading