Winter Shopping in Britain’s Cambridge

Cambridge is a town about 1.5 hours north east of London’s CBD, predominately known for its dozens of universities and student population. The town is known for Cambridge University, commonly seen as one of the best 5 Universities in the world, but along with it is multiple others making the population quite young and intelligent.

As Kelly and I made our way through the town to shop for some winter clothing, instead of our european shorts and t-shirts, we noticed for the first time how beautiful and enjoyable British towns can be.

The streets were small and the people very happy and friendly as well as of course quite young. It was a very big change from other busy European cities making us feel very at home and comfortable. Due to population and environment it is a well known shopping area because of the requirement and market the young crowd brings. We walked the parks and streets before finding a pretty pedestrianised street with multiple shopping options along it.

After making our way into a Primark and spending an hour or so shopping and finding winter items we felt prepared for the coming nights in the van where temperatures dipped as low as -4 degrees. Afterwards we made our way for the next 4 or 5 hours to the centre of Britain to a place called York, stopping briefly in a town called Berwick-Upon-Tweed for some fresh donuts and a hot chocolate.

Arriving at York late made it hard to find a place to stay, although after a search and questioning a local pub we found a small caravan park run by a lovely elderly couple. They were nice enough after our late arrival and not needing power to give us the night for free!

Day 1 was a long day and at times more stressful from no sleep and driving for the first time, but it was the start of a great trip with 2 smaller towns being seen!