Welcome to the Big Apple!

After arriving in New York, doey eyed and full of hope, we moved out of the airport and on to the bus where every single stereotype an Australian has ever had of an American or America in itself started coming true.

Yes, our doey eyes soon turned to ones of caution as we looked on at all the unfamiliar and quite bizarre sights outside of Newark airport and walking through New Jersey to try and find our accommodation. Our destination was Kennedy Boulevard and Daniel, being the ever so prepared traveler got us all the bus directions straight to Kennedy Boulevard…West. Here we were, right in the heart of Jersey, school kids screaming at us, men walking around with garbage bags full of what I can only hope was garbage, people talking to themselves, yelling at others and whispering on street corners to each other.

We got to number 3005 and well, it didn’t really look like the picture. Or the description.

“Daniel, this place isn’t even an apartment. It definitely doesn’t have a view of the Hudson River overlooking the New York skyline…” I mentioned to Daniel quietly after getting off the bus and finding a run down building that was used as some sort of workshop in replace of our “room with a view”.

Daniel agreed and we walked for a moment before finding a person to ask for help.

“You’re on Kennedy Boulevard East, you need to be on Kennedy Boulevard West…”

Mmmmm. Okay. We wondered quietly to ourselves where on earth we might find another street with the exact same name…

“Ten Blocks that way,” the nice man directed us.

As the sun went down and darkness set in, we began walking the ten blocks towards the Hudson River. I’ve never walked so fast with my newly despised suitcase as we got to, I’ll affectionately call it, people watch, the many citizens of Jersey go about their evening business.

After what seemed like a life time, we finally arrived at the right place. View definitely in check, we moved in to our apartment and sighed a sigh of relief and gave out a nervous laugh.

“Welcome to New York!”