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Craving Chips?? Make them yourself!!!

If anyone knows much about me they should know that I love hot chips and often get cravings for the delicious potato snack. Obviously, if you haven’t got it by now, we are… Continue reading

An Excerpt from our Script of “We Shouldn’t be Alive”

It was an ordinary day in Hvar Town, Croatia. The weather was overcast and being too early in summer and not hot enough to warrant a visit to the beach, Daniel and I… Continue reading

Hvar Sunset – The Best Place to See the Sunset in Hvar

Last night we went to an area of Hvar Town that we were told was the best place to see the sunset in Hvar Town. The person we spoke to recommended a bar… Continue reading

Food Diary – It’s Easy and Cheap to Eat Healthy!

Today, after our massive 3 hour hike we went to the supermarket and bought ourselves the following feast… 3 x Bananas 1 x Punnet of strawberries 2 x Tomatoes 4 x Potatoes 1… Continue reading

Movie Night – On the Cheap

Kelly and I indulged ourselves last night with a movie night. It was so cheap and we had a blast. It had some very key ingredients though: 1) New Release Free movies on… Continue reading

Hvar Town – Picturesque

This small town named from the island itself is the docking point for our next destination through Croatia. After spending time in Split we next dissected the nearest island and made our way… Continue reading

A Postcard From Hvar Town

Dear Friends and Family, Today you find us in Hvar Town. A place filled with old buildings, red roofed houses, age old churches and fortresses that have stood the tests of time. Hvar… Continue reading