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Food Glorious Food!

After leaving China today we already started reflecting and contemplating on what we loved in that amazing country. Food was definitely one massive plus and I thought I would share some of our… Continue reading

Muslim Quarter Street Snacks in Xi’an

If you want to be adventurous with Chinese snacks and try some of their delicacies, a trip to the Muslim Quarter is a must! At night, the streets are packed with people who… Continue reading

The Great Walls of Xi’an

The great wall? Xi’an? Isn’t that in Beijing? Yes, the Great Wall is in Beijing. However, if you happen to travel to Xi’an for the most likely reason of the terra cotta warriors,… Continue reading

Amazing Warriors!

This being one of many Chinese cultural highlights became a certain must see on Kelly and my list when we started planning China. Let me tell you early on that this attraction did… Continue reading


Another free event run by the Hang Tan Inn Hostel from Xi’an, and one that is very popular in lots of hostels in China is the Friday night dumplings party. This is the… Continue reading