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Hostel Review – AGP Guesthouse in Koh Tao, Thailand

AGP was quite a decent guesthouse, situated behind the main streets of Koh Tao. To get there you turn right when you see the 7 Eleven on the main street situated on the… Continue reading

Goodbye Thailand – A reflection on 28 Days in Thailand

Writing a reflection on a country in which we have spent 28 days has proven to me to be difficult. It is hard to describe what we have seen in just under a… Continue reading

Romantic Sunset at Koh Tao

Sometimes there are things that happen that words can’t describe and pictures won’t do justice. This is the case with the sunset at Koh Tao overlooking the Koh Nang Yuang islands. From Sairee… Continue reading

Damaging Views

After having a day of relaxing after the Songkran Festival Kelly and I decided leisure was over and adventure was coming. As Koh Tao is quite small and mountainous there were multiple “view… Continue reading