Central Park in Autumn – So Beautiful!

Central Park is a beautiful place. Right in the heart of Manhattan it is so hard to believe that you can walk in to an oasis of trees, lakes and bright open spaces that completely blocks out all the noise and hustle bustle of one the busiest cities of the world.

We strolled around Central Park for a few hours, adoring the beautiful autumn colours and the leaves falling off the trees, listening to the sounds of people playing saxophone and kids yelling and screaming while playing with their friends and families.

The thing I loved most about Central Park was that it really did take you away from the cars, taxis and rushing people of the city. You didn’t feel like you were somewhere where everyone was in a rush. You could simply relax and that was a very beautiful thing. It made me realise why New Yorkers love Central Park so much because I feel like in a place such as Manhattan, it’s almost neccessary.

If you ever get lucky enough to go to New York, you must, must, must take some time out to walk around and relax in Central Park. You’ll regret it if you don’t!