Little Error…Glasgow sounds nice though

Well after planning to meet with friends for the past few weeks in Edinburgh it came to bite us royally in the bum…after texting and chatting for a while we were told that they loved in Glasgow rather than Edinburgh, which made our dinner date for that night quite difficult.

So after our morning search through the Edinburgh streets and the city top castle we headed for Glasgow to meet some friends for dinner and the night and we were super excited to see these lovely girls. Kelly as always did the driving and the 1.5 hour drive was all smooth sailing…until we hit the skirts of town.

We did manage to have an address to follow and a well prepared google map of our required destination, although after a pit stop we found that the map did not save offline. This left us with not many options as we didn’t have a phone for the 10 days. Instead we drove blind into the city to what seemed like a major train station and town square. We knew they lived near the centre of town but we didn’t have any idea where that was.

On this day however luck was on our side. As kelly double parked in the train station, being abused by all sorts of motorists, I stumbled across a tourist centre and after waiting in line for 20 minutes (while a lady asked ridiculous questions and ponder her next intense day of sight seeing) I was able to find that her apartment was only a few blocks away and we had miraculously taken the right exit off the motorway! Having said that it did take us another short while to enter her place with no phone or communication with her, thanks to the gentleman who took our word and let us in!

It may have only been our first experience of the city but it was a stressful one. The night that came with some really good friends more than made up for it!!