Brugge or Bruges..doesn’t matter, it’s all good!

This little Belgium town is located close to several other larger cities in Belgium but created days of beautiful enjoyment. The narrow river that flows throughout the town makes for a spellbinding walk as it meanders through town, along with the cobble stoned streets and the neat architecture it was a truly pleasant few nights stay.

The belfry was the central tower in town and id the scene in the famous film “In Bruges” staring Colin Farrell. At 83m high it towers over the rest of the relatively smaller town and remains a focal point for tourists. It lies in the centre of town and is a major attraction to climb.

Brugge’s Belfry

Belgium as most people know are famous for their beer and waffles, but to our welcome surprise they also were the people to invent fries, in the French part of the nation, hence “French Fries”. We were very quick to indulge in the local expertise…several dozen times. We definitely ate our fair share of fries in which curry sauce quickly became our favourite condiment (TRY IT!!) and beer.

French Fries, traditionally with ketchup and mayonnaise

Their beer is quite heavy and have a few specialist brewers who make their own beer and don’t sell to anyone. These beers generally were much stringer (and heavier) about 14% alcohol. But the majority of beers sit at around 6%. They did however not sit well with us the next day after feeling like they all had to be tried in one night. As you can expect when beer is more alcoholic than wine it doesn’t always end well.

Not only this we found face-fulls of spaghetti for 4EUR and the best ice cream we have tried on our entire trip (and thats a lot!). The lady got up at 4am everyday to make the 30 or so flavours for the day, and overall she had 300 flavours she made for the store! It was a blessing to have and made better when she gave us free ice cream once!

This town was easily walkable and definitely had enough to keep you occupied for an entire day and a night to drink yourself to sleep. Not only that but as we did make sure you take a short train to another nearby city for comparisons. We chose a trip to Ghent for a day.

Kelly’s New Shoes!!!