York to Edinburgh!!

After our free night in York it was another day of small towns and driving…lots of driving! We veered away from the centre of the UK and went along the East Coast following the water towards the Scottish border. The early drive got us to the small town of Berwick-Upon Tweed. As we crossed the bridge to the centre of this small town we quickly realised that it didn’t quite cater to the caravanning couple with no posted signs for a local sight. With the time we had made in the morning we decided to use this as a cultural stop and to find a place to stay in the outskirts of Edinburgh instead.

After parking we walked to lovely central road when my eyes lit up to freshly made donuts! It was something I could not pass down, as they fried in front of me I didn’t think they were healthy but with the sugar coating and warm centres these were the thing we needed as the temperature was sliding lower than we had even been in. They were the perfect snack for roaming the quiet streets and when we found the only cafe open this Sunday we went in for a drink.





With a couple of hot chocolates and a search of the internet we found our destination in Edinburgh that was 4 miles from the town centre, with a direct bus from the sight to town. It was perfect and not very expensive the place to stay while we met up with some friends!

As our parking meter ticked to zero we made perfect time and started the car ready for the final hours drive to Edinburgh. It was a pleasant drive in which I was eager to see a significant and historical landmark. This was hit not far from Berwick in an Island with a castle fortress at its coastal head. I was determined to have a highlight in between the lengthy drives and this was our chance to see things that most wouldn’t bother. Down the windy road we went, to find that the road was flooded due to high tide and there were only 3 hours in the day they recommend travelling to this castle. Those hours were well over and instead for us we read the danger signs with caution and decided that get swept away by sea wasn’t really our safest option…



Instead we drove to our campsite which on inspection was perfect for us and easy to reach the centre of town. With the bus being available at night we decided to make our way into town for the evening and some food to see Edinburgh at Night.