Brugge/Bruges Food Market = BEST!

Irrelevant of how you spell or say this smaller Belgium town it was a true delight and a cool insight into the workings of these towns. With larger town like Ghent and Brussels within an hour or so this smaller town had its fair share of highlights.

For me a major highlight, besides the quite cobbled roads, windmills, river and spectacular beer was the Wednesday market we managed to find ourselves in. We have seen our share of markets and have been regularly let down, only because as tourists you can’t always buy everything or fit souvenirs. This “food market’ however seemed more appropriate for my liking.

After about 3 roast chickens, sour lollies and 2 waffles later it certainly made an impression. Portable trailers and vans were converted to butchers, bakers and cookers. The chicken huts had wings, legs, drum sticks, breasts, thighs, whole chickens and even roast potatoes. This place was the equivalent of my heaven. We had been craving a good fresh meal and this chicken was truly amazing. Spiced, herbed and super tender it definitely hit the spot!