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Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth

Parks in Europe have been one of our favourite “ordinary” things about Europe so far. I love walking through the parks and gardens and seeing the beautiful colours bursting with life and this… Continue reading

Barcelona’s Arc De Triomf – Pretty Damn Cool!

Has anyone seen the Arc De Triomf in Barcelona? Could it give the famous Parisian one a run for its money?? I don’t think so but it gets bonus points for being way… Continue reading

Maze Craze! The Labyrinth Park in Horta (Parc de Labirint d’Horta) Barcelona

Today we decided to be adventurous little wanderers and head out past the city centre where the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas could become a little stifling. Daniel and I have become… Continue reading

Photos of the Beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona

On our long stroll around the streets of Barcelona we went past the very famous Barcelona Cathedral. It was beautiful. The line to get inside was monstrous and being very bad and lazy… Continue reading

La Bordiny – The Coolest Juice and Yoghurt Place Ever!

Today we found the coolest fresh fruit juice place. Don’t worry about Boost or any other juice shop. This place was cool. Free samples of freshly squeezed as you walk in the door… Continue reading

A Market on Las Ramblas – Mercat La Boqueria

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona! We have only been here one day but oh my gosh, we love it. It’s such a crazy place that electrifies the senses and everywhere you look there is something… Continue reading

A Very French Dinner!

After begging Martin and Charlotte to let us cook for them on Sunday night we were told no abruptly as they had already purchased ingredients to make us Traditional Savoury French Crepes. How… Continue reading

Chilling in a local park – how to be lazy in Paris in style!

It was late Sunday afternoon and after Martin and Charlotte cooked us brunch we were all feeling pretty lazy and tired from the late night previous and the heaps of food we had… Continue reading

Say Cheese! Cheese tasting with Martin!

On our last night with Martin we met him at a local sports centre to watch him play soccer with the friends he is doing his internship with. After this, Martin finally gave… Continue reading

When in Paris…do as the Parisians do!

Daniel and I decided to visit Luxembourg Gardens on our last day in Paris. We had planned to go to the market and the catacombs on this day also but due to our… Continue reading