This blog is about travel, love, culture, experience.

All on the cheap.

Our names are Daniel and Kelly and we come from Australia.

We aim to travel the world, doing it as cheaply as possible so that we can show you how cheap it really is to travel the world. We used to think, like many others, that traveling is an unobtainable feat for the rich. This isn’t true and never has to be and we are here to prove that to you.

If you have any questions or need tips, advice or ideas on travel please email us at danielandkellytravel@gmail.com. Even if you just want to say hey we would be more than happy to receive an email from you!!

Also, if you have any ideas or tips for us on what we should do that’s cheap please let us know as we are learning as we go and could use the help!!

For more about who we are and our trip please see our About Us page in the About tab of our blog and read through the other articles we have posted and leave us a comment! We will be sure to reply πŸ™‚