About Us

Our names are Kelly and Daniel.


 We enjoy travelling and experiencing new and exciting things.

We are about to embark on a Round the World Tip and are set to leave on the 1st of April.

Some of our destinations include: Thailand, China, Europe, Canada and South America.

We met at our part time jobs at Bunnings Warehouse in 2008 and quickly became close friends. As time passed we got together and both decided that traveling was something we had to do. Daniel had been saving and planning for a Round the World Trip for quite some time while I was never as organised but always had the dream to.

Deciding, planning and organising are something that we are not great at so it has been a challenge for us to organise a trip where we are leaving for such a long time. People often ask us “What’s your plan?” “When will you be here?” “When will you be there?” but these questions are hard as the answer is often that we have no idea.After a midyear trip to Cambodia and Vietnam our dreams started coming true and after spending a month in the region we went home and began planning this trip.


We are leaving with only carry on luggage which will include a few clothes, cameras and our ipad and laptop. We hope, although sometimes we are unsure, that this will be enough.

We plan to spend as little as possible while still doing and seeing as much culture as we can.