Drive Time!

Today Kelly and I flew from Milan in Italy to London. A few weeks ago we decided to cover some ground throughout both England and Scotland by hiring a camper van for our 10 days exploration. Unfortunately due to their office hours and our 11pm flight arrival we weren’t able to pick up the van until the next morning. We in turn had a decision to make, stay at the airport over night, which was only 5 minutes from our pick up location, or travel into London find a place for our luggage and spend only the night there before travelling back out…this lead to the unwanted but necessary decision to sleep overnight in Heathrow airport.

For us this was not a new thing, on this trip alone we had slept at 3 airports prior to this one. It was easy, try to find free wi-fi and even if we could’t find charge points and just sleep anytime you can. This time around we made our way to some benches without arms after arrival and did our best to get some sleep.

After getting about 30 minutes sleep total I was awake all night from the noise and lights. Kelly can sleep a little better than me in general although her 2 hours wasn’t near enough. Having said that we were only 10 minutes from our new home, we saved money and we have the full day to drive and sightsee wherever we want.

As we stumbled our way off the Heathrow Connect train at the Hayes and Harlington station we walked the few hundred meters to the office and before we knew it Kelly was driving us out for our 10 day adventure. We didn’t get far before we stopped at a Tesco Supermarket (bigger than a Bunnings Warehouse) to stock up. The basics like; bacon, eggs, baked beans, fruit and veg were met by some donuts and cookies as a little treat and we drove towards some winter shopping in Cambridge!