The Glitz and Glamour of L.A.!

Even though our time was cut short in L.A. due to being stick in Hurricane Sandy (more on that later), we made the most of our time in Hollywood by checking out some of the main sights of Hollywood and Beverley Hills.

We began the day by walking along the boulevard of Hollywood stars. It was fun to try and spot the celebrities we knew and also had fun trying to think of what the ones we didn’t know where famous for. It was strange to see the hundreds and hundreds of stars sprawled along the streets.



While checking out the stars, we made our way to the iconic Chinese theatre. The theatre is extremely famous and even Hollywood stars have paid tribute to its creator by signing their names along with their foot or hand print in the cement outside the theatre. Anyone who has ever been anyone, from R2D2 to Shirley Temple have signed their names there. We got a kick out of trying to fit our hands or feet in to some of the actors that we love.





After this, we decided to head to iHop. A famous pancake restaurant to try some of the pancakes that we had heard so much about! We shared a 5 stack of New York Cheescake pancakes which were amazing but very, very filling. In the centre of the pancakes they even had a cheesecake type paste as well as strawberries and cream on the top. Delicious!



Fueled up and ready to go, we decided to walk some of the iconic streets we all hear of in movies. Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue were all seen as we made our way to Beverley Hills to try and do some star spotting and walk the famous Rodeo Drive.

We were lucky enough to spot fellow Australian Josh Lawson on our way and I was extremely excited. Star struck! However, he was the only star we got to spot for the day. Besides the darling Johnny Depp of course!


Walking along the palm lined streets and looking out to the Hollywood Hills you definitely did get the feel that this was a place for superstars. Even the suburban houses were immaculate and outstanding and you had to stop and wonder just exactly what would someone have to do to be able to afford those kind of houses.



Once we got to Rodeo Drive, that was an entirely different story. Everyone looked incredible and the shopping strip was pristine. Daniel and I felt disgusting in the clothes we’ve been wearing everyday for the last 8 months even though they were probably some of our best outfits! As we walked along we saw fancy, expensive cars, very rich people and even got to watch an advertisement for bags being filmed!




We ended the day by spending the night in a pub that sold at least 100 different types of beer while watching the basketball. For dinner, we decided to trust the sign of a burger restaurant that claimed to be “world famous”. I know it didn’t say World Famous for being the best burger and that’s where we went wrong because these burgers could only be famous for tasting terrible!

However, regardless of the terrible chilli cheeseburger we had an awesome day spying on the rich and famous and then sharing a few well deserved beers after realising we had walked over 20 kilometers for the day!