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Crazy Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona!

Barcelona reconfirmed to us that in big cities, you can do a lot for free. Walking through famous streets is one of these free, fun things to do as you can often see… Continue reading

The Most Wonderful, Amazingly Beautiful Church Ever – La Sagrada Familia

Going to La Sagrada Barcelona in Barcelona, I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t excited. The hype about Gaudi had been building up since we drove in on the bus and I… Continue reading

Barcelona’s Arc De Triomf – Pretty Damn Cool!

Has anyone seen the Arc De Triomf in Barcelona? Could it give the famous Parisian one a run for its money?? I don’t think so but it gets bonus points for being way… Continue reading

Maze Craze! The Labyrinth Park in Horta (Parc de Labirint d’Horta) Barcelona

Today we decided to be adventurous little wanderers and head out past the city centre where the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas could become a little stifling. Daniel and I have become… Continue reading

Photos of the Beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona

On our long stroll around the streets of Barcelona we went past the very famous Barcelona Cathedral. It was beautiful. The line to get inside was monstrous and being very bad and lazy… Continue reading

Park Güell – The Craziest Park I’ve Ever Seen…

I must admit, before I came to Barcelona I had never really heard of Antonio Guadi. I haven’t ever really been in to architecture or anything like that so when I watched the… Continue reading

La Bordiny – The Coolest Juice and Yoghurt Place Ever!

Today we found the coolest fresh fruit juice place. Don’t worry about Boost or any other juice shop. This place was cool. Free samples of freshly squeezed as you walk in the door… Continue reading