Beautiful, Beautiful Venice!

We arrived in Venice after our massive effort at Oktoberfest and while we were a little tired and weary, we were very, very excited to be in Italy for the first time! Our first stop in Italy was Venice and my, oh my, it was gorgeous!

On our first night we were treated to heavy rain as we wondered through the streets of Venice looking for some delicious pasta to eat with our friends Chrissy and Jenna but for the two days after that we were delighted to have sunny skies and beautiful weather.

We strolled around the city, saw the church, had a picnic by the water and all in all just enjoyed the lovely vibe that Venice had!







Venice was truly picturesque, by day and by night. It was a place that really felt like we were walking around in a fairy tale and at times, when I looked at the canals and the cute men in their stripey tops with their gondolas, I actually couldn’t believe such a beautiful place existed in real life! It really did feel like a movie set for the most romantic movie in the world and I would definitely recommend a visit to Venice to anyone going to Italy!