Snowboarding Fun!

Yesterday Daniel and I got our first full day of snowboarding together!

After 6 long weeks of not being able to snowboard Daniel finally got to get back on his board and we got to explore the mountain together.

We also went out on Tuesday morning to just get his feet and did some green runs and a few easy blues but yesterday, having the whole day, we got to explore the entire mountain.

It was so so much fun riding greens, blues and even a few accidental blacks on my behalf when we ventured out to the mythical ‘back side’ of Silver Star!

We couldn’t have asked for two better days for Daniels return as both days were completely clear and amazing.

After doing some normal runs we also started to explore the bumps and trees on the run which eventuated in many giggles due to us falling and flailing around in the powder.

Unfortunately we couldn’t bring the good camera out and the old iPod didn’t really do the mountain justice but here are a few shots of our first days riding together!