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Little Error…Glasgow sounds nice though

Well after planning to meet with friends for the past few weeks in Edinburgh it came to bite us royally in the bum…after texting and chatting for a while we were told that… Continue reading

Edinburgh The Great!

Edinburgh by night was a real highlight for me throughout our 10 day drive. Not that it wasn’t expected but it really some some of the biggest WOW factors I had seen in… Continue reading

Late Night Drive…York

After finishing up in Cambridge it was obvious the day was slipping away from us. It wasn’t a miss calculation of time, it was that Kelly hadn’t shopped in 4 months and was… Continue reading

Winter Shopping in Britain’s Cambridge

Cambridge is a town about 1.5 hours north east of London’s CBD, predominately known for its dozens of universities and student population. The town is known for Cambridge University, commonly seen as one… Continue reading

Drive Time!

Today Kelly and I flew from Milan in Italy to London. A few weeks ago we decided to cover some ground throughout both England and Scotland by hiring a camper van for our… Continue reading

Gliding…Para Styles!

While on the most relaxing 7 day cruise I could have ever imagined I decided to throw in some adrenaline just to shake things up a bit. So when I was offered to… Continue reading

All travellers have their limits…

Limits on how many days you can spend in a dorm room before the requirement of some privacy burns too deep and you splash out the couple of dollars extra for a private… Continue reading