Late Night Drive…York

After finishing up in Cambridge it was obvious the day was slipping away from us. It wasn’t a miss calculation of time, it was that Kelly hadn’t shopped in 4 months and was enjoying it now! The sun was slipping away earlier than we thought and we weren’t ever going to make it to Scotland today, although we decided to skip past the major cities of Manchester and Leeds and stay in York.

Located just to the North East of Leeds it was a smaller town in which we heard there was a large caravan park. The smaller towns are generally more fun to us, easier to explore and definitely easier to drive in, so we decided tat was our spot for the night. After a few hours of driving wondering what the speed limit was we arrived in the dark to York. The caravan park was easy enough to find, but just to our luck of not booking there was some ridiculously big horse race on the next day and the 150 spots were booked out. The next 4 hours seemed to repeat for the next 10 days as we hunted the small town for another location to sleep.

Kelly and I, unwilling to just pull over to sleep, worried we would be murdered drove the small town for about an hour before tiredness and grumpiness set in. We pulled into the parking lot of a small pub deciding we would ask to stay for a small fee, but again we faltered asking instead where another caravan park was. With easy direction we drove the dark road to the entrance and parked. Unfortunately for us the elder couple that ran it had a dramatically early bed time of 8pm. We knocked and waited before we decided that we would stay parked overnight and hope that it didn’t cost us too much in the morning.

We grabbed our portable stove and meat patties and went to town on the cooked burgers that eventuated. They were delicious and messy and everything we needed at that point in time. Making the bed after that was not what we wanted or needed but in order to sleep it was more than enough.

We woke to the freezing old and early light, to find the couple awake early. I knocked on the door and she was wonderful, explaining that we came late and want to leave early and didn’t use any power she offered us the night for free!! After all the hassle and annoyances we were given a free night and moved off early in search for Scotland!