Edinburgh The Great!

Edinburgh by night was a real highlight for me throughout our 10 day drive. Not that it wasn’t expected but it really some some of the biggest WOW factors I had seen in a while. After travelling throughout europe for a long time it was a great change of pace and sights. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Cathedral, but after seeing probably 200 or so in the last 4 months they weren’t quite at the top of my lists anymore.

That’s why the castle that sits a top of the hilly city made for a truly great attraction. The castle was right in the centre of town, high above all of the wandering people and the main city street. It was visible from far away and was truly grand when up close. Tonight it was just for looking, but tomorrow we plan to go and see it up close. We walked the well lit streets for a while and sought some food. The lighting making for a truly magical feel throughout the town.

Statues, galleries and european architecture were scattered commonly throughout the centre and was in sight a truly marvellous piece in United Kingdom history. It was only a short walk but Edinburgh made me excited for the exploration the next day and truly gave me a new energy and excitement in our travels!