Exploring One of the Most Livable Cities in the World!

Vienna is a beautiful place, there is no doubt about it! Not only is it full of history but it is full of grandeur. Every street you walk down is packed with spectacular buildings, all kept in pristine and amazing condition.

I’m going to put it out there – Vienna is the more beautiful, clean version of Paris. I know Paris has the greats – the Eifel Tower, so on and so forth but there is a grime that comes with Paris that you don’t get here in Vienna. Everything is pristine and beautiful, especially when you walk around the ring road that houses the most beautiful tourist attractions.

Today, instead of taking a tour, we decided to take some time out to just walk around and explore this great city. While we didn’t learn the history of each beautiful building and it’s purpose and all the stories, we thought with the background we have about the Austro-Hungarian empire and the information we’ve taken in about the Hapsburgs this would be enough to take in and think about how magnificent this city is.







We then spent the afternoon chilling in the Museum Quarter of Vienna after I tried to help an elderly lady up a hill with her trolley only to have her yell and scream at me.