The Marvelous, Beautiful Cesky Krumlov!

While Cesky Krumlov was a relaxing break for us where we cooked meals with lots of vegetables, watched movies and relaxed, it should never be overlooked as a really beautiful place to stay for a day or so just to take it all in.

The castle is probably the main attraction at Cesky Krumlov and, sorry to say it, I think it tops the Prague Castle just due to cute character and charm. The views from the castle are gorgeous as you look out over the whole town and the gardens are lovely to stroll around on a sunny day. If you are lucky (or unlucky if you agree with me, I think it’s sad and horrible) you may even get to see the bears that they keep in an enclosure at the entrance gates to the castle. We didn’t get to see them but apparently they are sad and lonely bears 😦





Other than the castle, you can spend your time walking around the cute cobblestone streets and looking at all the toy shops, drinking delicious Czech beers, trying their awesome donuts and, if it tickles your fancy, you can take a visit to the wax museum followed by the torture museum. We unfortunately made it to neither. Mostly because we were lazy but mainly because torture isn’t really my thing…