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Exploring One of the Most Livable Cities in the World!

Vienna is a beautiful place, there is no doubt about it! Not only is it full of history but it is full of grandeur. Every street you walk down is packed with spectacular… Continue reading

Dreary Weather in Amsterdam couldn’t stop our Bike Tour through Amsterdam!

If you just read our last post, you will know that we are so lucky to be couch surfing with such lovely people who are spoiling us rotten. Cue in the rainy, unpredictable… Continue reading

One Crazy Afternoon in San Sebastian – Spain!

We decided to only spend one night in San Sebastian due to its ridiculously inflamed prices and the fact that we are, everyone gasp now, a little bit over beaches. Upon arriving to… Continue reading

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Protests in Istanbul – Pretty Colours, Police Riot Vans and Men with Flags…

Yesterday as we strolled the streets of Taksim Square we saw a lot of crazy things. Some were ridiculous (a marching band advertising a clothes shop), some were cool (street performers who had… Continue reading

Rock climbing…for dummies!!!

This heading is obviously referring to the inexperienced people, that is kelly and I, who signed up to do outdoor rock climbing today. we have no experience in indoor climbing let alone pulling… Continue reading

Review: We Experienced our First Climb in Veliko Tarnovo with Cliff from Trinity Rocks Farm

Whether you have only just started rock climbing or you’ve never done it before, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro needing some guidance, Cliff at Trinity Rocks Farm is the dude that… Continue reading

Never knew I could be so tired that I couldn’t feel my arms and legs…I damn sure felt my heart beat though!

Today we splurged and went rock climbing and OH MY GOD it was sooo worth it! Rock climbing was seriously one of the hardest, scariest yet most exhilarating things I have ever done!… Continue reading

Our First Taste of Croatian Rakija – The First Shot and How to Deal With it…

So we are sitting in our hostel after walking over 10km today and one of the hostel owners comes in after a day of doing whatever he was doing and asks us if… Continue reading

Muslim Quarter Street Snacks in Xi’an

If you want to be adventurous with Chinese snacks and try some of their delicacies, a trip to the Muslim Quarter is a must! At night, the streets are packed with people who… Continue reading

The Best View in Hong Kong! Do Not Miss Out!!

Today we got ready to go to the AMAZING Victoria Falls, otherwise known as “The Peak” in Hong Kong. Daniel and I were both very excited for this endeavour as we had heard… Continue reading