Dresden the Great!

Well Kelly and I decided to take some time away from being tourists and stop off in this smaller German town for a few nights. To be honest it was a great decision for us as our energies were running low. These smaller towns are often skipped by many tourists but Kelly and I are beginning to enjoy them more than the larger tourist traps.

Dresden played a major roll in World War II being the manufacturing hub for the German forces, it subsequently got heavily bombed in the very late stages of the war to prevent a future uprising. However, now days, this city is an amazingly pretty and accessible town. Buildings are rebuilt to former glory and to be honest it had some one of the best clusters of beautiful buildings we have seen on the entire trip.

Supposedly the worlds largest mosaic…

Kelly and I spent our fair share of time in the beautiful parks and cobble stoned streets meandering our way from sight to sight. This town is smaller and hence to see ‘the sights’ would only take a day or so but they had some really nice other activities to see. The park was amazing and HUGE, we watched university students playing games and kids riding bikes (never any training wheels!).

We made our way on the first day down to the flea market to find some treasure of others junk…but were unsuccessful. However we did find some local Bratwurst and had to try some of course.

Also a visit to the Hygiene Museum is a must if you are ever in Dresden (free audio guide for English). It was an entire museum on humans. Including: bodily functions, sexuality, the brain, body image, pregnancy and death. Quite an amazing experience and eye opening in how capable the body is.

Admittedly Kelly and I were a little lazy on occasions just lying in the park and finding ourselves relaxing in the sun, but this town almost begged you to do that. With friendly people (not us much English as Berlin), cute streets, amazing parks, perfect weather and a truly amazing old town centre, it was a treat to have some downtime here.