Dreary Weather in Amsterdam couldn’t stop our Bike Tour through Amsterdam!

If you just read our last post, you will know that we are so lucky to be couch surfing with such lovely people who are spoiling us rotten. Cue in the rainy, unpredictable weather of Amsterdam and the term “spoil” takes on a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately when we woke up this morning and went outside to look out at the sky we were bitterly disappointed to see massive rain clouds brewing. Yes, we had seen the weather reports and we were prepared but we kiiiind of hoped that when we went outside the weather bureau would be wrong. They weren’t.

In all honesty, we were probably due for some bad weather because truth be told we have been sooooo lucky with the gorgeous sunny days we have had so far on our trip. Even though sometimes the intense heat makes me incredibly grumpy.

All that aside, we had a bike tour booked and as we walked through Vondle Park and the rain starting falling, we were seriously doubting whether we would go on the tour. We started saying that 20 euros each wasn’t even that much and that we were sure we could sell the voucher off to someone else. Pretty much any excuse we could think of, we thought of as we were drenched head to toe.

When we arrived to Mike’s Bikes we were almost convinced we weren’t going to do it. Being half an hour early, we went off to get some breakfast and the skies cleared up a little bit.

So off we went on the bike tour. We saw some lovely things included windmills, the Amstel river, a cheese and clog factory and got to ride along some beautiful parks, dykes and little lakes.





By this point we were elated because it hadn’t rained yet and we thought we might escape the terrible rainy weather. However, on our way back the rain hit. And it hit hard. Drenched head to toe, not being able to see a thing we rode back in to amsterdam and got back just in time for the rain to stop…

All in all however, it was a very, very fun day with lots of laughs. Nothing like a lot of rain to really make you feel alive!