Couch Surfing – Amsterdam

Kelly and I were more than willing to try our hand at the European pass-time of Couch Surfing throughout this holiday. Although not always being as successful and finding random couches to sleep (Not riding waves off the coast of hawaii on Couches, as most people seem to think) on as the locals may be, we have been lucky on a few occasions to be spoilt by hosts.

This time around in Amsterdam, after having hosts in the French towns of Bordeaux and Paris, we stayed with a couple in Amsterdam. They were a true pleasure to stay with and to put it lightly truly spoilt us.

Couch surfing has a major advantage on other forms of accommodation. Mostly in forms of better company, great local knowledge and the chance to feel more like you are living in a town.

This time around we stayed for 3 nights and in that short time were treated to 2 traditional meals, a private guided tour of Amsterdam at night as well as receiving a fantastic and very generous little gift bag when we left. Which alone included native Holland treats like clogs key-rings, stroopwafels, biscuits, liquorice and sour lollies. This bag as a sort of goodbye gift showed the true generosity of the couple we stayed with and it was a true highlight to spend time with them.

These are the several traditional toppings for the dishes of crepes we ate. Including an amazing apple based spread “AMAZING!”

This is my favourite with syrup and sugar!!


We will forever owe these people something you can’t put a price on, it was amazing to have spent the time with them and hope to see them again one day.

This is our host and us inside the infamous FEBO shop…hamburgers out of vending machines that is…

Not only that but Couch Surfing as an entire community needs to tip its cap at its idea. This community works on a trust base scheme and plays on the generosity of people to let a stranger stay in your house to give them the best experience of your home town possible. I will note that when using it pick the people you stay with/or host carefully and make sure you read and study their profile for safety. You can always so no šŸ™‚