Ihlara Valley – Strolling through churches and villages made of rock formations!

On our Green Tour of Cappadocia, we drove out to Ihlara Valley and got to explore this area on a three kilometer hike. Ihlara Valley is located near two of the three volcanoes of Cappadocia and is a canyon that is about 100 meters deep. We hiked around Ihlara village where we got to see a plethora of churches and old village houses but you can continue to hike up to 14 kilometers to the Selime Monastery.

It was a quite pleasant walk to go through all the churches and see the village where people lived as little as 30 years ago before the government built alternative housing due to earthquakes. There are so many churches along the walk such as The Domed Church, The Hidden Church and even The Church with Snakes!

My favourite church was the Domed Church because it has two layers and when you looked at it from outside it looked slanted and crazy. All of the churches were decorated in beautiful frescoes inside, depicting images like the birth of Jesus and other biblical stories. A lot of the faces have been defaced inside the churches but they are still beautiful to look at.


We didn’t get a chance to trek to the Selime Monastery but walking through Ihalara village was definitely a lovely experience that I would recommend to anyone going to Cappadocia.




If you ever want to go to Ilhara Valley or just want more information I’d go to this website. Trip Advisor also has some great reviews you can read about what’s on offer in Ihlara Valley!