Uchisar – A town with a view

Through our hike of Pigeon Valley Kelly and I ended up at the town of Uchisar It sits high on the sky line in Cappadocia and can even be seen from Goreme, the backpackers town. It is easily reachable by car and also from the 4km walk through the valley.

The town is much larger than Goreme although caters for a different side of the tourism. As Goreme is quite obviously used by the backpacking and cheap holidayers, Uchisar is quite the opposite. With the high views and hotel prices to match the town is scattered with many classy hotels and boutiques for the lavished travellers. Other than these expensive accommodation options there are also many cafes that use the expensive accommodation and the mountain side view as a reason to over charge. There are always cheaper places to eat but overall this is the more expensive part of the area.

Other than the left over residential areas in Uchisar there lies a castle on the highest peak of the towns mountain. This castle cost 5TL to enter but does provide some breathtaking views of the town and surrounding area. The castle may not be that exciting but the views are well worth the money, even for the cheapest travellers.

Unfortunately for us we had already walked the hilly valley and the castle itself is quite steep as well. It does have some very interesting rock formations and rooms to boot, although the best fun about things like this is when you get off the track and explore the castle and its cavities. You will be sure to find something different that not everyone bothers to see.

It was not the end for us because we went from this point to another valley…Love Valley which after another 4km hike lead us in the vicinity of Goreme for an approximate 12km hiking day.