A Leisurely Stroll Through Pigeon Valley – Luckily, no Pigeons!

Pigeons are gross. Sorry to say it if you are a pigeon fan but I’m definitely not. Someone once told me that they carry more diseases than any other bird. I haven’t found any evidence to back this up but that along with the way they flap so close to your head when you least expect it is enough for me.

So anyway, when we decided to walk through Pigeon Valley from Goreme to Uchisar I didn’t even think there might be pigeons until we started walking. When we started walking, I mentioned my worry to Daniel and he quickly shrugged it off, telling me there would be no pigeons. And there weren’t, so yay for me.

Getting to Pigeon Valley from Goreme was super easy and we will explain all about how to do this for free in another post.

Once we started walking in the valley we were so excited for the days walk because the scenery was absolutely beautiful!




Seeing all the rock formations close up was so lovely and getting to walk around and explore all the little caves and climbs on our own was so much better than going on a tour as we got to take our time and really explore the area.


We came across a group of people at one stage trying to make their way to Uchisar who told us the path up ahead was too steep and we wouldn’t be able to walk it.

“Yeah right!” we said to ourselves, as we politely kept walking and found there to be no trouble at all. There were three different paths you could choose but by process of elimination we found the right one and got to go all the way to Uchisar with a little friend joining us half way!


The walk was about 4 kilometers long and took us around one hour or a little less to get to the town of Uchisar. Some parts were steep and left me a little puffed but other than that it was a pretty easy walk!

Stay tuned to hear more about what hikes we did in Cappadocia!