Food Review – Bulgarian Food (Date Night at a Local Bulgarian Restaurant)

Bulgarian Food has had some mixed reviews from people that we have spoken to. Some love it, others not so much. We have tried a few snacks here and there but last night we had a Bulgarian meal at a Bulgarian restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo.

The dishes we chose last night were choices made upon the recommendations of locals. We chose a “Sache” and a dish cooked in a traditional pot which reminded us of a hot pot called a Gyuvech.

The Sache was a blend of cream, vegetables and pork all cooked in together, not dissimilar to a casserole with vegetables such as mushrooms, carrots, capsicums, celery, broccoli and corn. It wasn’t a particular outstanding meal but it was very nice and filling. When I say it wasn’t outstanding I just mean this to say that it definitely feels like you could whip something like this up at home with little effort. There were no strange spices or seemingly secret ingredients that made your mouth water but it definitely was a solid meal.


The second dish we tried was called Gyuvech and it was cooked in a “earthenware” pot. For more of a technical term on what gyuvech is and what eqrthenware pots are you can go here. To us, it looked like a hot pot and inside was a tomato based meal with a cheese melted over the top containing chicken, mushrooms and a few other nondescript vegetables. This one was really quite yummy and we ordered some bread (that came out like an un-topped pizza) to go with it and that was just perfect cos we smothered the bread with the meal and it truly tasted like a gourmet pizza!


The restaurant we ate at was quite lovely and if you go to Veliko Tarnovo and you are walking down the main street you won’t miss it because it is always bustling with people. The name of the restaurant was in Bulgarian so I can’t really tell you what it was called but it had a beautiful outdoor setting and everyone working there was really lovely.