How To: (1 Tip to) Not Let Budget Travel Take Over Your Life Completely

Sometimes, we must admit, we get very bogged down in trying to save every cent we can while we are on the road. We over think, over calculate, over speculate and pretty much do everything “over” except spend.

While you can get a real kick out of saving dollars, and trust me, you really do, it’s important to not lose sight of why you are traveling in the first place; to experience new, exciting and culturally different things!

Yes, it is easy to do this by learning the history, seeing the sights, walking the streets of old towns and new cities but another great way to experience new, exciting and culturally different things is food.

Food is so important to a culture and with this in mind, we savor a “date night” when in a new country to go out to a restaurant or local eatery, or whatever it may be, to spend money on the food that the country is famous for.

This is a great way to not got trapped in to the penny pinching, calculator waving fanatics because it is all in the name of culture and it is all in the name of experiencing something new and exciting.
It also gives you a chance to let your hair down and share a moment together. A lot of travel is often go, go, go so to sit down together and actually act like you would back home can sometimes be really nice and romantic.

Not a couple but still a budget traveler? I still think its important to experience the food of a new culture and to treat yourself to something nice every now and then. It rewards you for the hard work you put in to doing well with your budget and gives you a chance to relax.

So in short, our tip to all budget travelers out there who may be thinking that saving dollars is driving them crazy, think about treating yourself every now and then and a perfect way to do that is by still experiencing the culture of a city while enjoying something yummy for your belly!

Has anyone come up with another way to make sure budget travel doesn’t overrun the fun of travel? We would love to hear your ideas!