Review: We Experienced our First Climb in Veliko Tarnovo with Cliff from Trinity Rocks Farm

Whether you have only just started rock climbing or you’ve never done it before, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro needing some guidance, Cliff at Trinity Rocks Farm is the dude that can help you out with all your rock climbing needs.

When we got to Veliko Tarnovo we saw some flyers for Rock Climbing and Daniel was set and ready to go. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I am scared of heights and other things like falling off rocks and dying and all that other normal stuff. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though and I agreed to do it.

The place where we stayed, V.T. Poolside Hostel, helped us organise the tour by ringing Cliff for us and it was really simple and easy to organise. We just had to give him our shoe size and no problem, cliff would pick us up tomorrow, ready to go.

Once Cliff picked us up in his car, shirt off and relaxed as ever, we drove to Trinity Rocks. This is a popular spot for climbing in Veliko Tarnovo and some say, it is one of the greatest spots in Bulgaria to climb. We drove through the Yantra Gorge with a view of the Trinity Rocks on our right and before we knew it, parked the car and walked the 20 minutes up to the cliff face.

Here, Cliff explained to us all about the safety of rock climbing as we got in our harnesses, tied the ropes and put on our climbing shoes. We belayed him as he climbed the rocks and put the carabiners in their places. Once he got down safely, he explained a bit more to us about different ways to climb rocks and the best techniques for rock climbing and away Daniel went on his first climb!



After that the rest is history and I will post more later on our experience but this post however is to let you know that if you are thinking of going rock climbing in Veliko Tarnovo and it’s your first time or you need some guidance, Cliff is the man to help. He also has a climbing buddy named DeeDee but we didn’t meet her.

Cliff was really friendly, helpful and gave great advice. When I was having a major freak out on the rock, he lowered me down and helped me through it and didn’t treat me like a coward or an idiot or anything. He was really encouraging and was always ready to give us assistance when needed.


He also has a place in a village nearby to the town called “Trinity Rocks Farm” and if you are looking for a place to stay that’s in the country side, right by the yantra river then you should definitely contact him. The Trinity Rocks Farm details can be found on their Facebook Page You can camp there or he has a ten bed dorm room that you can stay in too.

If you are staying in town and just want to climb, you can either go to the Tourist Information for a flyer if there isn’t one where you are staying you can call them or email them:

Phone: + 359 899 871 688 or + 359 899 019 488

All in all it was a great experience and Cliff made it all really easy and fun. If you want some other reviews about his farm and the climbing you can read them on TripAdvisor

*Please note we were not paid or given a discount to write this review, all information and opinions are our own ๐Ÿ™‚