Made it on the Mountain!

Hurrah! At last! We have made it to the final leg of our very long journey!

Starting in April and spanning over much of the world, we are now truly excited to be set up on Silver Star Mountain. Already in the first few weeks we have met some amazing people, all of which I’m sure I will call very good friends by the end of our journey together.

It’s so bizarre to feel like we are at the end of our holiday but also feel like we have a long time to go!

Speaking in complete honesties though, I am so glad to be settled somewhere for the next few months because I was EXHAUSTED! Traveling really can take it out of you! This whirlwind adventure has been truly amazing though and I really never, ever, ever thought I could ever be this lucky to experience such an awesome, life changing journey with the most amazing best friend in the world.

We have a lot to fill the blogging world in on, for the few that do read these posts, and I do fully intend to write all about our amazing Italian adventures, our crazy driving through the UK experiences and exploring the US of A for the first time ever!

For now though, just thought I would let you know we are happily settled in on the mountain, have started working and I finally got to see SNOW!!!! I couldn’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was and how amazing it was to see snow falling for the very first time.