A Reflection on our Travel so Far!

So here we are, in our fifth month of nonstop globe trotting around the world and I felt it was time to have a recap and reflect on all the things we’ve done, what we are going to do and how we are feeling.

First of all, it has been amazing and to say this is most probably the biggest understatement of my lifetime. I have seen more, learnt more, done more than I have in my whole life and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have done so much at the wee age of 22.

So far we have been to Thailand, China, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, London, France, Switzerland and Spain. We’ve stepped foot in Italy for half an hour, been in some towns for days and some only for one night. In each of these places we have seen completely different things and learnt how unique not only each country can be but also each town in their own country.


We have done some amazing things such as flying through jungles on zip lines, walked the great wall of china, eaten local delicacies, rock climbed, paraglided (Daniel not me, I couldn’t face that fear just yet), made awesome new friends, couch surfed, seen the Eiffel tower, seen amazing sights that some people only get to see in pictures and so many, many more things that the list I’m compiling is growing bigger and bigger every day.

Not only have we done and seen so many things, we have also learnt a butt load. Not only about the places we have gone and their histories and culture but we have learnt so much about ourselves. Traveling has helped me learn so much about me and so much about Daniel. It has helped us grow so much stronger together and I can’t help but love Daniel more and more everyday, even if sometimes we fight for the stupidest reasons and some of the things he does annoys me. I have faced so many fears on our trip and even though I don’t know if I have conquered my fears I have definitely learnt how to face them. I have learnt to be more patient, more understanding about people and places and I have also learnt to be more confident and happy in who I am as a person.


Some of these lessons I have learnt so far have probably been the most valuable things about traveling and the bonus of being able to see so many wonderful sights of the world has been the best bonus ever.

After 5 months of traveling we have missed home, our friends and family a lot, we have become quite tired of living out of a backpack and the annoyance of just being able to cook whatever you feel like and the intensity of traveling so much is catching up on us, leaving us having “lazy days” more often than we expected. While this sometimes annoys us we realise that these are very silly things to stress about and take it in good stride and conclude that this is a holiday also and we don’t have to be so full on all of the time.


Even though we are tired, we are so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to see the rest of the world that awaits our lucky eyes!

If you have been following our blog, thanks heaps! We really appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to read it and also really hope you’ve been enjoying it!