The Most Wonderful, Amazingly Beautiful Church Ever – La Sagrada Familia

Going to La Sagrada Barcelona in Barcelona, I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t excited. The hype about Gaudi had been building up since we drove in on the bus and I wondered if it really was going to match up to the massive hype that surrounds it.

As soon as you walk out of the metro, it hits you in the face. Right there, across the road. Bang. There it is. Right in the middle of the urban streets of Barcelona is one of the most outstanding, beautiful buildings I have ever seen in my life. I have seen some beautiful churches. With classic churchy looking things on the outside and you can usually say “oh yeah, that’s a church” but with this, it could have been just as easily a theme park.

Yes, there were some give away church references to Mary, God and of course Jesus but other than that, the way it’s built, the decoration, the feel of it resembled nothing of a church to me.

Even though we got there early, we had to line up. That was fine with me. This was worth it.

Once we got to the front and walked in to the entrance I was stunned. Staring at the most beautiful depictions of Jesus and biblical references in the most stunning sculpture forms I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe it.

I must admit I didn’t know too much about the references and all of these things but once I did my research, I realised that this entrance to the church, referred to as a the “passion facade” was dedicated to the Passion of Christ and his road to being crucified. It also represents man’s sin. It was incredible to see the contrast between the two facades as this one was bare, very simple and extremely striking in a totally different way to the Nativity Facade which seems jubilant and full of happiness and regality. This facade was my favourite because I felt it was the most unique…






That’s not to say that the Nativity Facade wasn’t amazing though. It was beautiful and as I said before you could tell how much happier it was in comparison to the front facade. I never thought I would be able to see emotions in a building before but somehow this building definitely captured the emotions…





And the inside? It was stunning. I have never, ever seen a church like this before. The stain glass windows, the pillars that represented trees of a forest and all the other quirky sculptures made it just stunning. For me, the most beautiful thing was the depiction of Jesus on the cross. I couldn’t stop looking at it because of its size and the way it was portrayed. When we went to the museum downstairs we saw pictures of it being made and someone actually had to hang themselves from a cross in a similar fashion for the sculpture to be made.









Of course in the photos you will see some construction happening? Well that’s because La Sagrada Familia is an ongoing project with a completion date set for 2030. I also found out that the entire project is being funded by tickets sold to the public and private donations which was pretty amazing since I am sure it is costing a butt load to build. The last facade is supposed to be the most grand of all and because Gaudi knew he wasn’t going to be around to see its completion, he only did a rough sketch of the “Glory Facade” because he felt it was important that other architects had their own influence on the building too.

All in all, La Sagrada Familia was totally amazing and I couldn’t believe the beautiful things I saw in that church. I really hope that when it’s completed I will get to go back to see the finished product because I am sure it will be outstanding.