Restaurant Review – The Red Onion in Karon (Phuket), Thailand

If you want to line up for 30 plus minutes but get a good feed – line up at Red Onion. I was skeptical while lining up, claiming it was ridiculous for us to eat at a place where I have to line up when I can eat off the street for a fraction of the price and be served and eat almost instantly.

We did however, want to see what the fuss was all about and in all honesty, I’m kind of glad we did it. The food there was really nice and we thought so much so that we went back a second time. Our favourite dishes were their green curry, red curry and the stir fried pork in garlic and pepper. The people there are quite nice but you can really tell how busy and run off their feet they are which made me feel bad for them.

Seriously though, the food was a really good standard and if I was to eat in a restaurant this would definitely be one I’d go to. Good stuff!