Guesthouse Review – The New Lucky Guesthouse in Hong Kong

The New Lucky Guesthouse is one of a kind. Nowhere have we ever paid 30 dollars a night to stay in what can only be described as a shoe box with a shower. If you are claustrophobic, look away now…

The only floor space available is the breadth of the door opening and the rest of the room is a double bed.

The bathroom is your standard Asian “shower wets the whole bathroom” get up which is expected and not looked down upon by us. Surprisingly though the shower was awesome! Hot water and good flow so thumbs up!

The shoebox room also gets stars for decent wifi facilities and it had a tv with an English channel so thumbs up again.

The ladies that run it don’t speak a word of English but god bless their sweet souls as they continually spoke to us in mandarin like by a miracle we would suddenly become fluent in their language. We all made the effort though, both languages combined and understood each other well enough.

Word of warning though, this place is also a cocoon. A hibernating bears heaven. If you need to be up in the morning, set an alarm because my body clock woke me up at 11am, convinced it was 4am.

You’d probably have to come across this in one of the many mansions though as there are no reviews or information online except for a map which I will give you here. It’s pretty much a walk in off the street guesthouse situated in the mini mansion near Jordan and Nathan Roads.