Temples too many…but this one took the cake!

After seeing some of the hundreds of temples in Bangkok including the “Giant Buddha” and “Marble Temple”, the last temple in the scam session was by far the best one. “The Lucky Buddha Temple” this little tranquil sanctuary in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world took our breath away. From the intricate carvings and paintings to the gold in crested Buddha statues this temple had a real feel about it.

Despite walking down a path inside the temple only for monks, fancy choosing that option on a Buddhist holiday, Kelly and I sat on the prayer floor and watched for a good while the belief and commitment shown to a religious figure.


Despite not being very religious myself it was very comforting and inspiring watching these peoples dedication. As tens of people came through the doors in our short time there all asking for there luck and blessings in their day it made you sit back and think. People so much worse off than I put faith and a smile on to make the most of what they have, it was a truly rewarding moment and it really was spiritually strengthening.