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Beer Tasting in Prague!

So, here we are in Prague! The land that loves beer. (We are a little behind on our posts as we have been extremely busy so all the posts over the next few… Continue reading

The Diary of Anne Frank comes alive…

Many people may not realise but if you look through the misty clouds that smell slightly weird and peel your eyes away from the red light district for more than a few minutes… Continue reading

We are being spoilt in Bordeaux!

We met our host Raphael when we were in Cappadocia, Turkey and she was on a holiday with her boyfriend Samir. They are both from France but are studying in different parts and… Continue reading

One Crazy Afternoon in San Sebastian – Spain!

We decided to only spend one night in San Sebastian due to its ridiculously inflamed prices and the fact that we are, everyone gasp now, a little bit over beaches. Upon arriving to… Continue reading

Our Visit to One of the World’s Ancient Wonders…

I’ll have to admit to you, we were very ignorant today and didn’t know much about the sites we were going to see. After hopping off yet another nightmare overnight bus we were… Continue reading

Hostel Review – The Pak Up Hostel

Very rarely do you come across a hostel that ticks all the right boxes. Price, comfort, style, safety and so much more. The Pak Up hostel was seriously a great place to stay… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Trek – Day Two

The second day of our tour began by waking up in our bamboo hut and seeing it in the daylight. After being petrified the night before by what creepy crawlies I might encounter… Continue reading

BANGkok on the cheap!

This city has a variety of views on how expensive or inexpensive it can be depending on who you talk to. I am sure, as always, the seasoned traveller could save a penny… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

We went to the amazing night bazaar in Chiang Mai this evening and were blown away by the vibrant colors, sounds and atmosphere. Here are some of our favourite photos of the night…

Temples too many…but this one took the cake!

After seeing some of the hundreds of temples in Bangkok including the “Giant Buddha” and “Marble Temple”, the last temple in the scam session was by far the best one. “The Lucky Buddha… Continue reading