Maze Craze! The Labyrinth Park in Horta (Parc de Labirint d’Horta) Barcelona

Today we decided to be adventurous little wanderers and head out past the city centre where the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas could become a little stifling. Daniel and I have become quite a fan of parks on our travels as they are a good source of resting all under the guise of soaking in the sights of the place you are in and mixing with the “real” locals. While the latter is actually very true, it sometimes is quite nice to just relax in a park because after 4 months of non stop traveling you become quite tired very easily.

So, eager beavers caught the metro to the Labyrinth Park. We’d read on the good old Internet that it was a great park, awesome gardens, lots of locals since its far away from the city centre and best of it all…it had a labyrinth maze right in the centre to get lost in! While the labyrinth maze was probably the least exciting thing there for adults it was very funny to hear kids screaming and shouting in Spanish excitement as they kept getting lost and entangled in the shrubbery maze while trying to find an exit. Daniel and I roamed around the maze for a little while but as soon as we found an exit, which took a little longer than expected, the heat and our tiredness stopped us from doing it all again and we found some quiet park benches and read our books. I may have also snuck in a cheeky half an hour siesta but that’s only because that’s what you do in Spain. It’s almost expected of you…