Park Güell – The Craziest Park I’ve Ever Seen…

I must admit, before I came to Barcelona I had never really heard of Antonio Guadi. I haven’t ever really been in to architecture or anything like that so when I watched the terrible film “Vicky Christina Barcelona” and first heard of Gaudi I became quite interested and couldn’t wait to see what kind of weird and whacky things he’d made.

The Güell Park is one of them. Originally the park was supposed to be a housing area but only 2 houses were built and no one wanted to live there. So Gaudi purchased one of the houses and moved in there with his family. It was later turned in to a park with Gaudi’s designs in them.

As soon as I walked in to this park I was so amazed. I couldn’t believe how crazy it was. Every building and sculpture was different and even though I guess they had a modernist style, I’m not very good at discussing art so many apologies, each one of them was different and unique.

My favourite buildings were the gingerbread looking houses at the entrance to the park. They were crazy!





The two big things that people love at the park is the “giant lizard fountain” and the “world’s longest bench” (I still don’t know if actually is the world’s longest bench, that’s just what the rumours told us).

The lizard for us was a bit of a non event because of the crazy things people had said about it. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing and very well done but people just hyped it up way too much.



What I childishly found really cool was the man dressed in a lizard suit who stood really still and then moved to scare people. They are my new fascination. Daniel told me about these crazy men that dress in costumes and then act like statues waiting for someone and then they surprise them. I had never seen them and I’ve been seeing them pop up everywhere lately and they are crazy! They scare me a little bit too.


Another thing I found really cool was the bench, the other highly discussed part of the park. This bench spans across the whole terrace and it is in the shape of a curving serpent. The whole bench is maid of mosaic with all different kinds of patterns and colours. I was so fascinated by it and I found it really beautiful.





As well as these two big draw cards, the park is filled with quirky designs, beautiful flowers and plants, lovely walking tracks and, if you want to go all the way to the top, a breath taking view of Barcelona!