La Bordiny – The Coolest Juice and Yoghurt Place Ever!

Today we found the coolest fresh fruit juice place. Don’t worry about Boost or any other juice shop. This place was cool.

Free samples of freshly squeezed as you walk in the door was very cool and nearly sold me. Frozen yoghurt samples when you ask for the price of frozen yoghurt. Pretty much selling me. Fresh fruit everywhere with a bar of toppings for your yoghurt plus the decorations, plus the other two massive contributing factors? Sold!




We got a massive frozen yoghurt tub for 5 euro with unlimited toppings and went crazy on kiwi fruit, white chocolate, jubes, nuts and chocolate sprinkles. It was awesome!

Such a cool and funky place and I would definitely recommend it if you live fresh juice or frozen yoghurt and you are going to Barcelona!