Amazing Warriors!

This being one of many Chinese cultural highlights became a certain must see on Kelly and my list when we started planning China. Let me tell you early on that this attraction did not disappoint, in fact as soon as we entered the first pit it truly felt like a fairytale as shivers ran up and down my spine.

Kelly and I are normally all for finding our own way to attractions using public transport, allowing us to spend the time where we want. This was one of the rare occasions we decided to be a part of a tour, due to the raving reviews of the guide involved. For historical monuments it is often handy to have a guide to explain the things that you can’t read and to give the extra details that make the experience that much better. This was again one of those occasions, she answered all of our questions and the information she gave was quality.

Initially the trip seemed to be a let down as we approach the tomb of the important ideas man behind the warriors Emperor Qin Shi Huang. As the tomb itself is protected it basically was us staring at a distant mound of grassland deciding whether or not they were pulling our leg about the whole thing.

This was quickly shifted as the details on the events and ideas of the time came pouring out on our approach to the warriors themselves. Understanding their significance and relevance to the people, their physical discovery and the subsequent museums. These warriors were built for protection in the afterlife, then rebuilt after centuries of damage to restore their once immaculate condition.

I won’t say much more, and to be honest this is one of the true meanings of pictures not doing them justice. Yes the pictures show the warriors and what they look like although I will never be able to describe the feeling I got when I first saw the ongoing archeological sight and its amazing discovery. I couldn’t help but stand still and feel I had been transported to one of the world’s truly wonderful discoveries. They were ancient, amazing, enthralling and to be honest I could have stared for days.

Enjoy these photos please! but do yourself a true favour and make the effort to travel here some day, because I promise you wont regret it!