Muslim Quarter Street Snacks in Xi’an

If you want to be adventurous with Chinese snacks and try some of their delicacies, a trip to the Muslim Quarter is a must!

At night, the streets are packed with people who are either selling, cooking, buying or eating. Everywhere you walk is filled with delicious aromas of food being cooked fresh right before your eyes. If you want to go to a restaurant, there are about one million that line the street so you can grab a chair and nestle in or, if sitting down isn’t your style, you can opt for the street food/take away options.

While we were in our hostel we met a Chinese girl who had come to Xi’an for a holiday and one night we decided to get dinner together. We ventured down to the Muslim Quarter and she helped us try all the foods that existed there!


Here I will try to explain some of the yummy treats we ate!

Everywhere along the streets, heaps of different types of bread were sold. Some were toasted, some were left as they are but they were definitely a common thing. One of our favorites was this bread below, toasted with oils, herbs and spices. Not healthy at all, but very very yummy. You could pick up a piece of this bread for 5Yuan, just under one Australian dollar. One serving was too much though as Daniel and I struggled to eat it all.


This bread went especially well with a favourite snack of ours. Now, I’m not sure if we loved it so much because skewers on a BBQ is so close to home that it felt we were in the backyard on Australia Day but, even so, these skewers of meat were amazing. The most amazing thing about them were the blend of spices that they were coated in. Prices range for these skewers but we picked up 4 skewers for 10 Yuan which is around 1.50 in Australian Dollars.


Stupidly, I did not take many more photos as one of the nights we went I didn’t bring my camera. There were so many delicious things to try though. I became obsessed with this juice that nearly every single stall sold for 3 Yuan. We also tried this desert made from bean curd with a date paste and peanuts sprinkled on it which was pretty interesting, not sure if it was my favourite thing to eat but definitely worth a try!

I did take a few other photos though of things such as yummy chilli peanuts, mandatory dumplings and a photo of Daniel and our friend LiLei eating a very weird bean curd noodle thing that none of us liked very much.




At the end of the day, if you go to Xi’an, do not look passed Muslim street for some interesting culture and excitement…even without the food!