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The Most Wonderful, Amazingly Beautiful Church Ever – La Sagrada Familia

Going to La Sagrada Barcelona in Barcelona, I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t excited. The hype about Gaudi had been building up since we drove in on the bus and I… Continue reading

Photos of the Beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Barcelona

On our long stroll around the streets of Barcelona we went past the very famous Barcelona Cathedral. It was beautiful. The line to get inside was monstrous and being very bad and lazy… Continue reading

One Really Old Church – Westminster Abbey

London has a lot of “old things” and these “old things” are truly amazing. One of the most remarkable churches I have ever seen comes in the form of one that is over… Continue reading

A Palace Fit For a Sultan – Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

If you go to Istanbul and you miss this sight, you are crazy. After being to Hagir Sofya I wasn’t sure if anything could be topped but this place was amazing. This place… Continue reading