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Our Favourite Dumplings in Shanghai and probably the rest of China – Yang’s Dumplings

Now, Shanghai, I must warn you, was our favourite place for dumplings. We found so many in Shanghai for really cheap prices and really great value and taste. You could get dumplings fried,… Continue reading

Qu Pi Road Market – Not for the Faint Hearted!

Now, I must put a warning in the introduction of this post. Qui Pi Road Markets is not for the faint of heart. To go here, you must be prepared. You must be… Continue reading

Daniel’s Fun Time

Alright people, although Kelly and I were meant to go to the park and enjoy a day of picnics and snacks, birds and flowers, I was lucky enough to stumble onto the holy… Continue reading

The Fun House – Photo Essay

This “Fun House” was an attraction under the Bund in Shanghai, it provided us with a few hours of fun illusional scenery. Below are the photos from the displays…

Hello Shanghai!

After battling through the 20 hours on a train, which was much better than I had even hoped for, we arrived at Shanghai Station at 10am. As we entered the station and walked… Continue reading

Daily Dollar – May 1st (Traveling by Train to Shanghai)

Today was a bit of a weird day because we were traveling 20 hours by traIn from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Here are the things we spent money on… Train Ticket – $934.00… Continue reading